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A Walk in the Park with David Vassar

  • National Museum of American History (map)

“David's presentation was an inspiring overview of his career as an environmental filmmaker, drawing a packed audience to the Warner Brothers Theater at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. He's a gifted filmmaker, a powerful speaker, and a great advocate for protecting America's parks and wilderness.”   
~ Chris Head, Director, Environmental Film Festival

"Throughout his career, Vassar’s films have sought to expand the viewers’ imagination: deepening their understanding of the interplay between natural processes and human history; building an awareness of the spiritual and emotional dimensions of National Parks; and inspiring a greater sense of caring and responsibility toward these shared national treasures of ours. This retrospective survey interspersed compelling films clips from Vassar’s five decades of environmental filmmaking with his eloquent and insightful introductions. Several members of the enthusiastic audience considered it the highlight of the entire citywide festival."
~ Jeffrey Stine, Curator of Environmental History, National Museum of American History

 “’A Walk in the Park with David Vassar’ serves as a perfect celebration of the National Park Centennial. It not only inspires the audience to visit these magnificent parks, but it provides a powerful understanding of their historical context and highlights the importance of preserving these places for future generations.”      
~ Will Shafroth, President, National Park Foundation

“We expect films about wilderness to be beautiful; after all, the subject abounds in beauty. It is rather David’s awareness of how wilderness acts as a cultural construct that sets his films apart. Against the argument that we have too much wilderness, he reminds us why we have never had enough.”                                              
~ Alfred Runte Ph.D. National Park Historian and Author